LowJeju contains the old memories of home, 

which grandfather built and took care for decades.

Originally built in a low level, the old Jeju house is full of comfort that relaxes the mind and body with a low gaze that is different from everyday life. As you climb the stair between the high stone wall, you can see an open courtyard, and two small stone houses face each other. The Outbuilding, which there is window over the sea, has a dining room with a wide table and a bathroom. The Main building, which you can feel Jeju's atmosphere covered with red volcanic stones. The two bedrooms and a bathroom are connected in one by a long wall. The living room is best place for sitting around and spending time together and large and small windows, which are lower than their height, attract stone wall and plant landscape into the house.

We hope that all the time you spend in this cozy place, 

decorated with a ‘Low' gaze, following the shape of the ‘Low' house of Jeju, 

will be a gift.