This house is a home where my grandfather built 

it and raised it for decades, and it contains old memories of it.

Jeju's house was originally built low: the old Jeju house is full of comfort and relaxation of body and mind with a different low gaze from everyday life. 

In low Jeju, when you climb the stairs through high stone walls, the open yard is unfolded, and two low stone houses face each other. The outbuilding with the sea beyond the window is a dining space with a wide table, a bedroom with a bathroom. From the indoor flower bed with red volcanic rock, you can see the atmosphere of Jeju, with two bedrooms, a bath room, and three spaces, all connected by a long wall with an open space. The living room is great to sit around and spend time together, and large and small windows, which are lower than tall, all over the place attracted stone walls and plant landscapes into the house.

Following the shape of the old Jeju's "low" house, 

this place is cozyly decorated with "low" gaze.
Hope that all the time spent in it will be a gift-like experience.